Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blogging Priest Speaks on 'Theology of the Body'

No, not I, but my classmate, Father Larry Gearheart, whose blog, "Eyes of Faith," is listed at right.

Here's the notice from a frequent commenter here:

The Kettering Knights of Columbus are hosting a presentation by Fr. Larry Gearhart on Pope John Paul II 's Theology of the Body this Thurs. Jan. 19, 7:30 pm. at the Christopher Club, 3150 S.Dixie Drive, Kettering Ohio. Update: the series will continue, on the third Thursday of each month, until May.

This five part series explains and explores our late Holy Father's teachings on the meaning of life and God's nuptial plan for the universe.

In the informal style of "Theology on Tap" but the beverages and snacks are free!

This presentation has been designed for everyone... whether you are single ...or have been married 50 yrs; a theological expert or have never even heard of "Theology of the Body".

Questions or directions call Tim Langenderfer: (937) 298-5133.

I regret I can't be there this Thursday, as I have a parish meeting. But perhaps I can make a subsequent talk.


DP said...

If anyone can go, they should. Everyone needs to hear about the Theology of the Body... even a basic understanding of Pope John Paul II's teachings on the Theology of the Body profoundly enriches one's understanding of the Church's teachings on marriage, the family life, celibacy, consecrated life, Christ, the sacraments, our relationship with God, the Church, the Trinity, the Blessed Virgin Mother... essentially everything.

Anonymous said...

We had a very nice turnout tonight, 25 people. Fr. Gearhart is a talented teacher.

Lively discussion, Killians on tap, good Merlot (from a bottle not a box Fr. Fox) decent pizza, chocolate/cream cheese cookies and caramel/truffle coffee.

If you could not join us tonight don't let that keep you from joining us next month; Feb. 15 7:30pm. It is all free!

Thanks for the plug.

Tim Langenderfer

DP said...

Well, with all that food, it seems you guys have part of the theology of the body down already... I don't see much rejection of the body in drinking good wine and eating pizza. :-)