Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Head still full of goo

Well, I'm still under the weather, somewhat to my surprise.

It is a shame, because we've had beautiful weather here the past few days.

I did find out that cough syrup past it's use-by date still works!

Meanwhile, I am in my Lazyboy, praying and surfing (the 'net). A mountain of stuff awaits me when I get back to the office!


Anonymous said...

The stuff in the office can wait. Take care of yourself and just get better. My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon Father.

Rev. C. Peter Dumont said...

Hi Fr. Martin Fox,
I've felt the same way myself these days. Hope we get better together. I always promised yours would be the first blog I visit, and today, full of goo, I have. Great reading and most rewarding links.

Jay Anderson said...

In addition to the cough, did you lose your voice yet? That's what's going around this part of Ohio. My voice was gone for 2 days (I'm sure to the delight of my lovely wife and children).

Chucko said...

I guess I was spared the worst of it! About a week ago I was under the weather for 2 days and amazingly healthy not long after (since these things usually wipe me out). Found out that some pills several years after the exp date seem to work... hehehe. Best wishes Fr. Fox, get well soon!

Norah said...

Have you been to the doctor father? You might be in need of some antibiotics as well as the self prescribed stuff.

Diane said...

This time of year, mold spore counts are really high. Many people are allergic to them and don't realize it. They take decongestants and cough syrups to help with the symptoms thinking it is a cold. For those who are suffering allergies, not colds, this is like using a bucket to bail water out of a sinking boat without first plugging the hole.

Take OTC Benadryl - the oldest anti-histimine on the market and probably the safest. But, take an adult dose an hour before bedtime and you'll sleep really well, and probably wake up a little less congested.

The antihistamine BLOCKs production of histamine, which is causing the production of all that "goo".

I take it at the first hint of a sniffle this time of year as I watch people go down all around me with their "colds". Some finally took my advice and were happy to report a big improvement in goo reduction.

Only two antihistamines are effective for mold allergy that I know of: Benadryl and Zyrtec. Zyrtec even calls this out on their website. Most of the non-drowsy popular OTC and prescription antihistamines won't work for mold allergies.

The local news station verified exactly what I was telling people when they reported very high mold sport counts with the cooler, damp weather. They said most people don't have colds, but mold allergies. But, when the "goo" is not blocked and it builds up to excess guess what happens: It gets infected!!!

Take the adult Benadryl and if it makes you too sleepy to take during the day, take the childrens dose at this time.

I get them at Sam's or Costco for less than 10 bucks for 100 of them.

Best of luck to the plugged-up Padre!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of upper respiratory infections, as we go into cold & flu season, what about handshaking in church for the sign of peace? It seems like there is a division of opinion. Younger and healthier people think it's a fair price to pay to be neighborly. Older folks or the chronically ill know that a simple cold can incapacitate them for weeks and run up med. bills in the hundreds or worse - plus further knock down their overtaxed immune systems to where they just keep on getting sick without respite, over & over, adding even greater misery to their ongoing sufferings. It's not worth all that just to shake hands - can't a smile and nod suffice?
I've always wondered why, in the name of compassion and empathy for the weaker and frailer, handshaking in church isn't just dispensed with from Nov - Mar. Hey, I know people who don't even go to church then, for fear of contagion. Trust me, a virus is more than an aggravation to the immune-impaired. It seems almost sinful for healthy people to share their germs with the already-sick.
What say you, blogwatchers & Father Fox (provided you feel well enough to respond - and meanwhile your recovery is certainly being prayed for by me as well as your other fans!)

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Medecin in the US and Canada, all have useby dates, that are usually 3 months to a year early. The reason for this, is because unsold medication and perscription drugs unsold in the Pharmacies are then sent to poorer countries at a reduced price.

But usually any drug, in your chest that is past its use by date can be returned to the pharmacy. If it is really past its efficacy date, they will dispose of it, and if it is still effective they will make it available to the pharamaceutical co. who will then getitto the third world country.

Father Martin Fox said...


No, I haven't been to the doctor; I see no need for that, as all signs indicate a routine cold.


I'm holding on to the cough medicine -- it's a prescription-narcotic!

Mark Anthony said...

Slacker...Get back to work in the vineyards of Piqua! Do you think the Lord ever stayed home with the sniffles? Just kidding..

But this brings to mind a question of theological speculation. Did Jesus ever get sick? The flu, the chicken pox, a cold? Whatta ya think?

Rebecca said...

Hope you are feeling better, Father!

Anonymous said...

Be assured of my continued prayers Father!