Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm alive!

Sorry but it's just been soooooo busy!

I'm sitting here, at 10 pm, having dinner: Kung Pao Chicken, extra spicy. If you live in Piqua, order from Dragon City, and it'll be reasonable and arrive so fast, it'll be too hot to eat!

Had a meeting tonight, which was contentious, but I think some good things came from it.

Before that, another meeting, I couldn't stay for--because of the second one.

Before those meetings, I browsed through the kids' science fair. After the meetings, I came back for the awards. Our kids are so great! Guys, you think about being a priest, and you think, I won't have kids. No, what our Lord said to Peter is true: you'll have many, many more.

Before the science fair, I was down to the hospital for regular visits. Had some interesting experiences...a woman who was a little confused and anxious; I wondered if she even wanted me there, but she held my hand and I prayed for her. A man who, I think, had a kind of aphasia (if that's the right term), which means you can speak, but your words make no sense. I talked to him and prayed for him, but I couldn't tell if he understood me. There was a notepad there--I think a family member left it there for notes--so I took the liberty of leaving a note that I'd been there.

I spent a few hours in the office, and I checked on the progress at St. Boniface; it's so beautiful, you can catch a glimpse if you find St. Boniface's website in the sidebar and look for some photos posted there.

This morning, I had Mass at one of the nursing homes. I was glad to do it--and a huge crowd came, three! (Usually only one would come.) But I was struck by something...

I was in a sort of game- or internet room, and as I offered Mass, I was facing a computer with changing images. There was noise from the hall and it was not the best setting for Mass. That is usually what happens; but it's what the area nursing homes can offer. They just don't have any room that's really suitable.

That's when it hit me: this is the face of secularism. These nursing homes (one is more a retirement community for more active folks) are nice facilities, and they try, and they've created lots of nice areas...but nothing for the soul. No one thought to create a room as a chapel or--if you prefer, a "meditation room." No provision for the inner life or the transcendent.

If anyone ever consults with me about building such a facility, that would be one of my suggestions: provide a chapel or prayer room for the residents. Recognize the importance of the spiritual life.

Well that was my day in reverse I'm finished eating, and I'm feeling good, and ready soon for sleep.


Patrick said...

I second your idea with nursing homes! I found this one, which sounds wonderful when the time arrives.

Anonymous said...

1) Perhaps Wernicke’s aphasia - proper grammar but random word choice (similar to mad libs). Can still recite memorized pieces (and swear).
2) The nursing home we normally visit is run by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm and has a chapel next to the front door (with much better mass attendence), but you're right every other nursing home or assisted living place I've visited has nothing.


Shandon Belle said...

Dear Father,

Please add our blog to your blogroll.

Folloing the great graces that flowed from the Year for Priests, we are proposing the observation of a Holy Year for Nuns. Please feel free to adopt the suggestion and to promote it:

God bless you!

Lavinia Tai said...

You won't have kids but you'll have many, many more. Great is your reward in heaven.