Friday, March 18, 2011

Not much time...

OK, I've got to get going soon. Fish Fry at St. Mary's till 7 pm. Couldn't make last week due to responsibilities, and I am the pastor!

Busy day here..."the Pile" is growing. To riff off a line of President Reagan's about the deficit, I'm not to worry about this pile, it's big enough to take care of itself.

You might be interested in a few of items (clock ticking...):

> Had some meetings with folks about personal matters, obviously can't describe them. But I'm praying for them. If you ever wonder what to pray for, or what a priest does, keep this in mind. Some folks bring me serious stuff and I wish I could do more to help.

> Wrote a couple of news releases and worked on a handout, related to the re-opening of Saint Boniface Church at Easter, after our renovation. Trying to plan out the celebratory events. The handout gives a complete accounting of all the saints and all the artwork in the church, including the statues being returned to church after their exile 40 years ago, and the six new images of saints which will be added. The handout is intended to be a "keeper" for all those who wonder about the images, what saints they are, etc.

> Checked on the progress of the work. The tile floor in the sanctuary is almost finished (may be finished now); the painting is progressing nicely, but still a lot to do. The statues being restored are awesome--and being done for free! The hardwood floor for the nave is going to be installed starting in about 10 days. Many more details to work out. Pray for our director of maintenance who is superintending all this, keeping me sane--er, well, as sane as I may happen to be at the moment.

By the way...did you know that on Solemnities, the rules of fast and abstinence are not obligatory? This is the Vigil of St. Joseph! Don't anyone tell the folks at the Fish Fry, where I'm headed next!

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Dave Rosen said...

Father, a wonderful blog. Thank you.