Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lots going on...

It's been a long few weeks.

This time of year is very hectic; despite what folks may think, it doesn't get easier after Easter. The school and parish budgets need to be finalized (school is; parishes are not); this year, I have two hires pending and that's a lot of work. I have a construction project underway at one parish, and one of the parishes is looking at buying some property.

Meanwhile, we have confirmation tomorrow--and did I mention we don't have a Director of Religious Education (one of the hires); so a lot of things the DRE does, I'm doing. The teachers and volunteers are picking up the slack too.

Tonight we had our pre-Confirmation pot-luck and rehearsal. The rehearsal went well; I don't like barking at the kids, but we had to line them up and there was no need for any talking. It worked fine; we got finished with 4 minutes to spare!

Earlier today I heard confessions, I worked at the office finalizing things for Confirmation; I will finalize the program tomorrow and run it off (one consequence of no DRE is I was double-checking confirmation names at the rehearsal.

I worked up a homily, about resurrection, which I think went too long at 4 pm.

Then after 4 pm Mass, the teachers got the confirmation banners hung up; Mrs. T saved my bacon several times; we got the rehearsal and potluck finished and I came home.

Oh boy am I tired; I didn't get much sleep last night, about 3-4 hours.

I have early Mass and 9 am Mass, then get a bunch of stuff together for Confirmation at 2 pm.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate that this is a busy time for priests (and parish DREs, etc) with first communion, confirmation, and 8th grade graduation...and all the planning for next fall. We're involved in PSR and my youngest had his first communion this week.

Soon summer will come and I hope you can rest!