Thursday, August 02, 2012

A convivial dinner

I'm sitting here, enjoying some ginger ale (diet--a concession to my accumulating years), thinking about such a pleasant evening tonight.

This summer, at Saint Rose, we have seminarians living here. It really is a blessing to have them--they are fun to talk to, to go to ball games with, and to hear share their faith. I remember when I was a seminarian, I was so grateful for priests who were kind and helpful--and I am very glad to do my part, now, in turn, to help and support seminarians.

In any case, an extra blessing is a seminarian who likes to cook--and knows how! When I arrived at the beginning of July, he was concerned I wouldn't let him cook the meals. Well, I'm no fool! I said, let's make a deal: you cook all you want, and I'll eat it! We get along just great!

So not only does this exemplary seminarian like to cook, he likes to have folks over to eat it. So for the past month, we've had over a number of his seminarian friends, as well as my priest friends. He whips up some amazing dish, and everyone oohs and ahhs, and I sit there, and play host! How great is that?

Tonight, it was two of our seminary professors. One, who taught me when I was there, and one who entered after me, has been ordained, and is now teaching! (Rotten kid!)

Anyway, we had:

> Some toast with some sort of cheese and pesto stuff--anyway, it was delicious;
> Some home-made bread with bacon and cheese on it, and maybe mushrooms--I can't remember, because I ate it so fast;
> Hanger Steak, with green beans and roasted potatoes (the older priest is particular about his steak--he doesn't just want it rare, he likes the cow to stand in front of the stove for a few minutes before you send it over to his table). I never heard of Hanger Steak, but it was mighty tasty!
> A couple of varieties of ice cream, plus coffee (I made that!), plus--in good Roman fashion, a proper digestivo: Limoncello!

(It goes without saying we had various libations both hard and soft.)

Amidst all this splendor, we had such a good time talking about old times: remembering so many priests and seminarians, including some--sadly--who have gone to their reward. Finally, after three hours, the visiting clergy headed back to the seminary.

Sorry I can't show you pictures, but I have an El Cheapo cell phone, $9.88 at Wal Mart, so no pictures. So you'll just have to imagine...


The Girl from New York said...

I laughed at your comment about how the older priest likes his steak; I've often described my preference for done-ness (or lack thereof) as either, "still mooing" or "having to chase my meat before I eat it."

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great night. I had breakfast with one of our priests in our parish who is in his 80's and his stories were invaluable. We just had eggs, not the great spread you talked about.