Sunday, September 30, 2012

Preaching about how to dress at Mass

What do you think of this approach?

Do you consider this a "gimmick"? Do you object? Let me know what you think.

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(Biretta-tip to Over the Rhine and Into the Tiber, where I saw this.) 


Jackie said...

Father Fox,

I do not consider it a gimmick and I don't object. Great homily - both in what the purpose of the vestments are and what a priest ought to be doing to get ready for Mass prior to Mass.

It ought to help with servers and lectors being quiet and prayerful in the Sacristy. A great catechesis on vestments.

And what a humble request - to help him, a celibate man grow in virtue by not being an occasion of sin to him at Mass.

Urging the laity at Mass to also dress with intention of what they are getting ready to assist at - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass where the God of the Universe is made really present. Not in a finger wagging way - but in a true desire to see them grow in holiness.

Of course, it would required a priest that actually believes and acts upon the beliefs that the priest stated at the beginning. He was given over to the Liturgy not the Liturgy given over to him - to change and tweek as he sees fit.

So - it begins with the priest - and his intentions.

Great post. Keep it up.

Liz said...


truthfinder2 said...

I am not one of St. Rose's parishioners, so this is from someone in Hamilton, Ohio. I liked it! It was very instructive and I really appreciated that this priest was asking the congregants to help him be a better, holier priest. I really appreciate the families in our parish who, even though it's obvious from their jeans and shoes that they're probably going to an outdoor activity after Mass, make sure that they are all modestly dressed. --- Rosemary

gramps said...

I think it is needed and well done.

By the way Father, with your background prior to becoming a priest, seems like it would be good for you to take up the topic of this election and the Catholic vote and how the priest in each parish addresses this critical issue when our religious freedom and such non negotiable issues such as abortion and marriage between one man and one woman are under attack. The old social justice issues are again being used to mask over the core issues of our faith

mamacantrix said...

This is fantastic. Beautifully and humbly spoken. Thank you for sharing this. I will be watching it again with the boys this evening in preparation for our "school Mass" in the morning.