Sunday, May 19, 2013

My new posting

By now both folks in Mt. Adams and down at St. Rose know this, so I'll post something here. The archbishop has named me parochial administrator of Holy Cross-Immaculata Parish, and also Old St. Mary's Parish in Over The Rhine. I will assume those duties June 17. My responsibilities at the Archdiocese continue.

Many will ask, what is a "parochial administrator"? It is essentially a pastor, except a pastor is named for a set term, but a parochial administrator has no set term. It's not so unusual in other dioceses for someone to be named administrator initially, although not so common here. However, Archbishop Schnurr has done it more frequently lately, in large measure I think because of uncertainty related to providing coverage for parishes when there are too few priests. In other words, the Archbishop needs to keep his options open.

I will miss the people of Saint Rose, who have been wonderful to get to know and tone with.

I am eager to meet the people at Immaculata and at Old Saint Mary's.

CORRECTION (as of May 21):

My new assignment will not include Old Saint Mary. The two parishes were paired under the prior pastor, and so when I was considered for it, it was as for both posts. When I received word, I mistakenly assumed the same arrangement would continue. (This is what happens when you are on the road and take phone calls while driving!) In fact, Father Jon Paul Bevak will be administrator of Old Saint Mary's. He will be great!

I'm very sorry for the confusion.


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Fr Martin Fox said...

Golly, this new assignment will be tougher than I thought!

cavalier said...

Affinity parishes don't have a chance any longer. It's all about the business culture. When you're appointed Pastor,versus these new titles, your career is over.

truthfinder2 said...

Prayers ascending for you at your new assignments, Father. (And, BTW, the trolls HAVE been busy, haven't they?) ~ Rosemary