Saturday, July 20, 2013

No homily this weekend!

...because Holy Cross-Immaculata has, not one, but two deacons! And one of them is preaching this weekend. He did a good job, providing lots of interesting details on the Scriptures. I learned something new about the Martha and Mary story: that when Mary went and sat at the Lord's feet, she was doing something frowned upon in the culture. Sitting with the Rabbi to learn the Scriptures was for men; women would not take part. Mary was violating a cultural norm, and as often happens, our Lord was fine with disregarding such norms when they get in the way of sharing the life of God.

If I find out the deacon has posted his homily anywhere, I'll link it. But he didn't use notes, so I am not optimistic.

However, he will be preaching at 8 and 11 am Masses tomorrow! See you there!

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Michael Haz said...

Father, you might enjoy reading this blog:

Most of the friendlies from Althouse Blog have migrated there, and would be happy to see you when your circumstances allow.