Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Protohomosexual

This Crisis Magazine article is provocative and profound, about the ideological terms, "heterosexual" and "homosexual," in relation to what true sexuality is.


Jennifer said...

This was interesting to me for a variety of reasons. I like the early German poetry of Minnesänger like Spervogel, but a marriage is not only about pretty words.

And I really do live for my children. Even before I had them, I worked hard, saved money, and took care of my body. I knew that I was living for them (I wanted them so badly!) even when I was a teenager.

Since I am almost divorced, people advise me to date or remarry, but I already have my three children. I don't want more children, and that would be the point of marriage. I also hope to show my children that it's possible to live a meaningful and productive life without being snared by foolish romanticism. :)

rcg said...

I need to read it again, but it certainly captured my attitude toward this mess. We are addicted to stimulus and, like addicts are rationally and constantly slaving and trading to get the next fix. This latest gambit is only a continued trade for our own gratification. Addicts trade their children's safety, future, and well being for their fix. Heterosexuals are selling society away for theirs.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Well, what really caught my eye was this argument: that the notion of "heterosexuality" is part of the problem.

This isn't the first article I've seen address this point. Some time back -- I wish I'd linked it -- someone had an article documenting how the whole notion of a homosexual orientation is a modern phenomenon. Not that before modern times, there were no such things as people engaging in homosexual acts, or even preferring them; but that the notion of a same-sex orientation was fairly recent.

Anonymous said...

Father, it's not a "modern phenomenon" it's a recent understanding. Like our recent understanding of the helic structure of DNA or Hubbell's law of the expanding universe.

Why are you crediting this author, by drawing our attention to his writings? He's a poet and a musician with a mere BA from a lower-rated college.

He's not a reputable authority on human sexuality. If he wrote an article critical of our understanding of DNA or the Trinity or of Egyptian mummification methods we would say " you're out of your league on this topic, buddy."

Same here.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I thought it was an interesting article, worth taking a look at. I still think so.

Jennifer said...

I also thought it was an interesting article.

Also, these higher-rated colleges are sometimes overrated. Let's get real...undergraduate chemistry is the same whether you are taking it at Harvard, BYU, or Cal State LA.