Friday, January 15, 2016

Sunny in Puerto Rico

I'm in Puerto Rico for a few days on vacation. Why Puerto Rico?

Why not? It's part of the U.S., but assuredly warm; it's not too far; and I've never been here -- I like some adventure. But the clincher was, I got a bargain.

Impressions so far?

Well, American Airlines' customer service could have been more helpful -- and I could have been more assertive. My flight from Columbus was delayed for weather, leaving me only a few minutes to get to the next flight. One of those carts would have made the difference. I didn't ask; but then, I didn't know how far I had to go. Next time, I'll ask.

My car rental was all goofed up. When I booked, I didn't realize it wasn't at the airport. The guy at the airport explained. Ok, so can you rent me a car? Yes, but the taxes make it more. How much? He took awhile to discover it would add $500 -- tripling the bill! Dubious, but between a language barrier and my weariness, I was in no position to argue. The place where I'd gotten the reservation was closed -- thanks American! -- so it would have to wait till the next day. So I caught a taxi to my hotel.

That was the slowest taxi ride I've ever had, by the way. The driver was with her husband, I think, and rather nervous. 

So, the next day, I see there's a rental place nearby. I call. No cars. I couldn't find a number for the office that had my reservation, so I couldn't do much with that. The car finally came through yesterday.

Oh, and I found out why this place was a bargain. In the daylight, I discovered, across from the hotel, a country club that's out of business. The apparent plan was to have a golf club, with houses surrounding, and a couple of hotels. Well, it's all here, except the golf course has gone to seed.; the birds have taken over. I'm sure the homeowners, who banked on a golf course, are delighted. No doubt the hotels did too. They are both fine, but the one I'm in shows a little wear. Meaning, not enough money for upkeep. 

All that sounds too negative! And I didn't even mention my cold, which is about gone. I might have also mentioned the swaying palm trees, the lovely people -- people are nice to you, despite language, if you are polite, and at least try. I might also mention the curious night sounds, birds and frogs, that have made the abandoned golf course their home. The food has been good. The main thing is, rest, prayer, and relaxation. It is sunny, warm, and I am just finishing my coffee. 


Jennifer said...

Sounds nice! Thank you for sharing.

Lourdesman said...

Happy holiday and just in case you are looking for it, I have changed my blog back to the original title "real priest defenders" dot blogspot. Blogs are so boring. How on earth does JENNIFER there manage to even open quarter of those blogs she follows. Would give you a death wish. They are even more boring than mine. At least mine is about life and death issues. Eternal life and eternal death. What doth it profit a man to be the gain the whole webworld yet lose his own soul?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great place to vacation. With it being a country that is predominately Catholic, and your being a priest, I am somewhat bewildered that you didn't consult some of the parish churches there to scope out and give advice on the local landscape. I have often reviewed the travel brochures wondering how far they drifted from reality. I am sure once you get settled all will be enjoyable, chances are it is still cold and snowy in the upper mid west.

Unknown said...

Enjoy, you certainly deserve a vacation after all your hard work for the Lord! By the way, the Wall St. Journal did an article this past week rating the 9 major airlines. American finished dead last (ninth) in the overall rating and mostly last in all the rated categories. At least they didn't lose your luggage. They are famous for lost luggage and destroying suitcases. Top rating went to Alaskan Airlines and Virgin American finished second. Spirit Airlines, a huge discounter with absolutely no frills (you can't even put your seat back) finished ahead of American in 8th place.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Northern hermit:

It just doesn't work that way. The language barrier is one issue.

Lourdesman said...

I invite you and your parishioners to become defenders of the Catholic Church.

Paul said...

I'm empathic. Take heart and make it an adventure. I used to travel a lot because I could. Nothing, nothing ever went right. -kidney stone hiking the Alps; airports shut-down while I was mid-flight - no luggage for weeks; freezing weather in California, hotel overbooked in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Who'd want to sit around a pool all day drinking Margarita's? ...that's not a vacation.
Get lost and enjoy your time away.

Lourdesman said...

Now Paul, you could add to that list "confessional Catholics" with no confessors. We've been on vacation for 50 years.