Sunday, February 09, 2020

Salt & light: it's pretty simple (Sunday homily)

I have been under the weather this week, and I'm starting to bounce back.
Sometimes the Scripture readings can be a little obscure, but today?
Does anyone really need me to explain about helping the poor?
About being a good influence on our society?
About sharing your light, rather than hiding it?

There are lots of useful things I could say, but the truth is,
It’s all up to you.
You can hear, and nod and move on; or you can decide,
“Today, I’m finally going to make a move and DO something!”

I’ll mention the Catholic Ministries Appeal one last time.
It is an obvious way you can be salt and light, 
especially for people who need food and shelter 
and some measure of justice.

There are pledge cards and envelopes in the pews 
if you want to make a pledge right now, 
and return it in the collection plate today, 
or else drop it off later, or mail it in.

I’m going to sit down for a few moments.
You can either make that pledge, 
or else think about some other resolution you want to make today,
so that you can show the power of Jesus Christ’s love in our world.

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