Friday, February 17, 2006

Gay Cowboys or talking animals--who wins?

Probably glad he missed the "gay cowboy" movie...

With all the hoop-de-do about the gay-cowboy movie (if you don't know, can you tell me what sort of rock you've been under the last two months?), you might have thought it was a big money-maker. If you have a "my yahoo" web page, you might see the movie ranked #8. Meanwhile, a movie that came out the very same day has faded from view, marginalized as either a children's movie or as something "those Christians liked": The Chronicles of Narnia. Guess it didn't do so well?

Turns out...

Brokeback Mountain: $66 million nationwide, cumulative (over $100 mil. worldwide)

Chronicles of Narnia: $284 million nationwide (over $500 mil. worldwide)

How about that?


Fidei Defensor said...

Great post, I may have to link to it.

Rich Leonardi said...

Just linked to this one. As I mentioned there, DVD sales ought to be even more lopsided. Anyone with school-aged children knows which disc is going to hit the player on a rainy Saturday afternoon or during a trip to Grandma's.

Pro Ecclesia said...

For a minute there, when I first saw the photo, I thought you were going to tell me the Duke was gay.

Whew! Glad I read the caption. I knew that couldn't be true.

Since Hollywood seems to love both Ron Howard and Tom Hanks, and certainly disdains Christians, I think we should brace ourselves for "Da Vinci Code" to clean up in next year's Oscars nominations.