Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sorry, now my vacation gets boring...

I'm visiting in northern Virginia with family and friends; it's always an adventure, especially when there are kids involved, with competing extra-curricular and athletic schedules.

I concelebrated Mass this morning with the highly reputed Father McAfee at St. John's Parish, where the liturgy has been treated with the greatest respect. I met a seminarian and a server who grinned when I called him "Father" (he was 11 years old), and when I complimented him, after Mass, on handling the paten "as well as I think I've seen," he furrowed his brow and said, "well, I hit the ciborium a couple of times with it." I told him no worries about that.

My plan is to be back in Cincinnati for the ordination of our newest four priests: please pray for Deacons Jon Paul Bevak, Daniel Hunt, Matt Robben and Mark Soellner, making their canonical retreat right now in preparation for their big day.


rcg said...

Boring? A reverent Mass, a serious and careful server, and beloved family? How can a glimpse of Heaven be boring?

Fr Martin Fox said...

True enough.