Thursday, May 31, 2012

A visit to the See City

I'm in downtown Cincinnati at the moment, at the Chancery offices for the Archdiocese. I'm meeting with folks here shortly, but arrived early so I thought I'd check my email, etc.

As you know, I'm going to be working out of the central offices, overseeing "priestly formation"--i.e., both facilitating spiritual opportunities for priests as well as continuing education.

Meanwhile, I will also be at St. Rose part time--so earlier I swung by there to visit with the pastor, Father Barry Windholz, to get the lay of the land there.

In between I took a trip up to Clifton--where I grew up. Got a haircut at the old barber shop ("I don't remember that floor--was that always there?" "No, I put that in 26 years ago!") and of course, paid a pilgrimage to the Skyline. Clifton has changed a lot but some things haven't.

I was introduced to folks--there was a farewell luncheon going on for a Christo Rey student who worked here for several months--and I asked, "where's Father Schnippel?" "Oh, he's on the eighth floor!"

So now I know how it is.


Jordan Henderson said...

Fr. Fox,

So, will you be officially in your new capacity for next week's meetings of all AOC Priests in Columbus?

Fr Martin Fox said...


No. I will not assume those responsibilities until July 2 (actually July 3, as Monday is my usual day off).

Father DiFolco continues in the post until then.

rcg said...

That last part about 'Where's Fr Schnipple? Oh, he's on the eith floor." Sounded like the beginning of a good joke.

ben said...

Now I'm homesick for the days I was at UC. :(