Wednesday, May 21, 2014

All Saints gives terse non-defense of sacrilegious treatment of Catholic sacraments

This is about the decision of All Saints Episcopal Church in Cincinnati to host a sacrilegious, simulation of two Catholic sacraments: holy orders and holy Mass.

I wrote to the rector of the parish on Sunday, and received a reply this afternoon:

Dear Fr Fox

The event which took place this past Friday was a venue rental and was in no way sponsored by All Saints Episcopal Church or the Diocese of Southern Ohio.


Rev Eileen O'Reilly

A commenter on another thread said he received an almost identical response.

Here is what I wrote back to Rev. O'Reilly:

Dear Rev. O'Reilly:

I appreciate you writing back. 

You should know that I have written about this on my blog, and I will continue to do so, because this is a subject of great importance to me as a Catholic, as I'm sure you can appreciate.

I will be very candid in saying that response doesn't satisfy me, and I suspect that doesn't surprise you. There are many other questions I want to ask, in order to understand how this happened. I won't pester you, but I will tell you I've posted those questions at And if you are * in dialoguing further with you about this, I would be grateful.


Father Martin Fox

* Somehow the word "interested" dropped out.


Trooper York said...

Would they rent it out to perform a "Black Mass?"

What does this say about them?

What should the Catholic Church do in response?

phil dunton said...

Fr. Fox, Shouldn't your archbishop be investigating this matter.

Unknown said...

Fr. Fox, at least you received an irish blessing - you lucky duck! There was no name, no beannacht's, or anything on my curt response. I'll admit that you may have a little more "juice" in such matters.

I've not yet received a response from the Episcopal Bishop for Southern Ohio.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I don't know. For all I know, he is; he doesn't need to advise me of such things.

Why do you ask?

Unknown said...

"Why do I ask"? Just curious I guess. Maybe he is unaware of the situation. I would think an archbishop would want to look into such matters happening in his diocese.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Well, I haven't discussed it with the Archbishop, but he knows about the situation, because the media asked him about it, and a response was given. So that most likely means he's checked it out to some degree.