Thursday, May 01, 2014

Tales from the Priestly Life

I haven't done one of these posts about daily life of the parish; but then, I haven't been doing the daily life of a parish priest for awhile (till I returned from my sabbatical three weeks ago).

Some snippets from recent days...

1. Had a meeting with a parishioner who needed some advice on a challenging situation. Got an email this morning; it seems to be working. Thanks be to God, more than any advice I might have given...

2. Tuesday evening brought a session with the group of folks who were part of RCIA this year (RCIA stands for "Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults"); they all were received into the Church at Easter, and so these sessions after Easter are called "mystagogy," which refers to unfolding or delving into the mystery of our Faith.

My topic? "Mystagogy." But what do you want me to say? "Whatever you want, Father!"

OK; so I decided to go very old-school; I mean, 4th century old school! We talked about the ritual and experience of their baptism, profession of faith, confirmation, and first communion. It seemed to go very well!

3. That was complicated by a computer problem I experienced last week and this. When I got back from my trip, I couldn't find my iPad. That led me to conclude I'd left it on the airplane. So I set up iCloud on my computer, and triggered the "find my iPad" program. Except that triggered a fight-to-the-death between iCloud and Google Chrome, resulting in computer lockups and forced reboots. Lots of wasted time.

So, after some emails back and forth with our computer guru, he was able to come by yesterday and take a look. It's all fixed now, Deo gratias!

4. Yesterday morning featured a meeting with the Festival committee; they're laying good plans for our August 1-2 festival (mark your calendars). In the wake of that, I have a meeting next week with the person in charge of sponsorships. That discussion, in turn, made me realize there were some thank you letters overdue...

5. This morning I had the Extraordinary Form Mass, which I do most Thursday mornings at 8 am (unless there is a reason I need to offer Mass in the ordinary form instead, such as a holy day of obligation). I used my spiffy new maniple/burse/veil set. I'd love to have taken a picture, but doggone it, I lost my iPad...

6. After Mass, the folks at Mass and I went out for breakfast. After that, back to the office and some reading. Then I took some items to my car--so I wouldn't forget them for my errands later. As I'm putting them on the back seat, I notice a piece of paper on the floor of the back seat. What's that?

Looking closer, guess what was underneath?

My iPad! Thank you Saint Anthony!

So back to my desktop computer, to turn off the "find my iPad" function. I plug in my iPad to recharge it. Loud clangs. Turning off the "find my iPad" didn't work. Up on my desktop screen comes a map. My iPad was found! And, it turns out, its not on my desk, but across the river in Bellvue Kentucky!

Time for lunch...

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