Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy feet

I used to have some very comfortable slippers, but when I was wrapping up my time abroad, they were on their last legs, so I tossed them out before flying home from Rome. This week, I ordered some more from Amazon, and here they are on my feet:

Happy feet are important when you are sitting at your computer, writing your homily. (Just finished!) Now I must think about a talk on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for the confirmation retreat tomorrow afternoon.

What are the sorts of things you do to get your creative muse to work?

(P.S. I'm tempted to wear these for Holy Mass. Would that be bad?)


rcg said...

I read some classics, physics texts, or workout with a heavy bag. I bet you could get those in black....

Jennifer said...

Happy feet are important. I have some German cashmere socks for sleeping when it gets cold. The brand is Falke. You can find them online.

Since you asked, I'd probably err on the side of caution and confine those new shoes to the house. When we get ready for church, I'm always reminding my children to dress for the occasion.