Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leftover chicken, what to do?

The chicken I famously roasted last Thursday is down to just a few remnants. I've made a few meals of it, but as often happens, I'm getting tired of having it around. Yesterday, I sliced up some of the breast meat, with the last homegrown red tomato I had, and had it on toast with mayo. Pretty good!

But with no more tomato, and no lettuce or anything like that in the house, I thought, what will make another chicken sandwich interesting?

Then I remembered, I have kimchi! (Yes, it looks exactly like the picture at Wikipedia.)

So I sliced up some more of the breast, put it on toast with kimchi in the middle, and also some mayo. I added a sliced apple as well:

Father Fox's Sliced Chicken with Kimchi Sandwich

How was it?

Pretty good! The kimchi added both crunch and a nice taste. But after the first half, I went back to the kitchen to put more kimchi on the sandwich. Delicious!


Eileen Krauss said...

Dear Fr.,what you didn't use miracle whip? You used mayonnaise instead? Mom is rolling over in her grave as you read this. Oh well hope you enjoyed it. Take care ,love,Eileen

Fr Martin Fox said...


Yes, sorry, I think mayo is much better.

Is Miracle Whip cheaper? If so, I can guess why mom always had it in the house.

rcg said...

Hey! A man after my own heart! I love Kimchee and this looks delicious. I will need to try it.

Mayo is cheaper than miracle whip if you make it yourself. It is also much tastier than store bought. It is very easy to make.

Did you use the chicken bones to make stock?

Fr Martin Fox said...


I am ashamed to say that I didn't use the bones for stock this time. I had one of those head-slap moments after I'd thrown away half of them. I still have about half, and I'll freeze those, after I pick them clean. (I.e., my dinner tonight.)

Fr Martin Fox said...


Also, I think the sandwich would have benefited from some lettuce, even with the kimchi.

And...a thought occurs to me: what about adding kimchi to chicken salad? Hmmm...

Michael Haz said...

Kimchi - one of the two things, okay, three, that I'm seldom without.

Hot giardineria and Valentina red sauce are the other two.

Wait. And peanut butter. That's four things.

Okay, the list is going to grow, so I'll stop now.

Jennifer said...

Kimchi is awesome. But sauerkraut is even better!

Eileen Krauss said...

Dear father, no it wasn't less expensive that I know of but it was the oil that mom didn't like. Take care Eileen

rcg said...

If you make your own mayonnaise you can add cayenne pepper, horse radish, wasabi, or anything you like.

I have a pressure cooker I use to render the bones for stock. My wife freezes it in bags and we thaw them to make other dishes. I love my pressure cooker as much as my grill.

Michael Kazee has a nice pantry list!

rcg said...

Oh, and the lettuce idea: try fresh pak choi. It is a mild ingredient in kimchee and could soften the flavours. I would also try mint, basil and cilantro.

Michael Haz said...

Miracle Whip doesn't count as an actual miracle. Just sayin'.

Jennifer said...

In Germany, Miracle Whip is pronounced mirACKLe Whip.

Since your ancestors came from there, I thought you might like to know this, Father.

ndspinelli said...

When I was preparing to go to Medellin in 1987 to adopt our son we learned a former high school classmate of my wife was living there. He was a Lutheran missionary living there w/ his wife and 4 kids. Talk about a tough sell, being a Protestant missionary in the most Catholic country in the world! I also met Mormon missionaries in the Bogota airport, but I digress. I asked these folks if I could bring anything from the US. The list was Miracle Whip, Skippy peanut butter, M&M's[plain and peanut] and newspapers and magazines. This family was so grateful and so helpful in giving me tips on staying safe in what was the most dangerous city in the world @ that time.

truthfinder2 said...

Father - Miracle Whip was, I believe, created during wartime to save on the use of eggs. It's better for us, as far as the cholesterol goes, but I'd rather have a bare smidgen of mayo on my sandwich than a generous amount of Miracle Whip. It does make pretty good deviled eggs, though. ~ Rosemary A.