Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Father Fox's exotic breakfast

For breakfast, I fixed scrambled eggs, with diced avocado, with white toast and kimchi.

Why such exotic ingredients?

Well, the kimchi I picked up a few weeks ago at Jungle Jim's in Fairfield, on the way home from Cincinnati. It keeps forever, I think, although the jar is about 40% empty already. The avocado I picked up a few days ago. Why did I buy an avocado? I'm glad you asked! Although I like avocado, I don't really know how to cook with it; so I bought one so I could try my hand with it.

As it turned out, I used the avocado Sunday night for a shrimp-and-pasta dish; that turned out pretty well, although it needed more garlic. But I only used about a quarter of the avocado for that meal; so I wrapped up the remainder tightly (so it wouldn't turn brown), and thought of having it with scrambled eggs today.

So how was it?

Pretty good; but the avocado wasn't quite ripe, and that would have been better. The kimchi was a last-minute idea, and a good one. And, of course, buttered toast is always good.

By the way, this was easy to make. Here's the recipe:

1/4 avocado, diced
Two or three eggs
Plenty of butter

Take a saucepan or smaller frying pan and cut several large bits of butter into the pan. If butter is hard, cut up into small bits; otherwise it will break up on its own. Then crack eggs into pan. Turn heat onto medium-high.

Immediately start stirring eggs and butter. Cook eggs very slowly, always stirring. Don't rush this -- as curds start to form, take egg/butter mix off fire and keep stirring. Try to keep the eggs in a liquid, rather than solid, form. The longer you take with this, the softer and more refined the eggs will be.

As your eggs are about half-way scrambled, take eggs from fire and throw in avocado. Keep off fire for a moment -- now you put bread in toaster.

While bread toasts, finish the eggs. Salt and pepper to taste; serve with buttered toast and kimchi, straight from the jar.

Delicious with coffee!

As I was eating it, I had an inspired thought: I should have had ham with this! (Get it?)


Jennifer said...

I don't get it about the ham, but your breakfast sounds good.
My favorite way to eat avocado is mashed with salt & pepper & lemon juice. It's good with chips or crackers. It's also good in salads. I have an avocado tree. Love it so much! It renews my faith in God somehow. Well, all my fruit trees and my whole garden...not just that one tree.
Kimchi is great, but have you ever fermented raspberries? Lightly sweetened, they are so good with creme fraiche! I have to watch what I eat or I'd really be a blimp! :)

Peter Gojcaj said...

. . . green eggs and ham!

Jennifer said...

Dr. Seuss, of course. Dumkopf! I should have known.

ndspinelli said...

The drought out west has hurt avocado production. They are small and not as flavorful. And, more expensive. We spend Winters in San Diego. I have gotten to know an avocado farmer, I buy wood from him for campfires. Not only do you have to deal w/ weather, but w/ bandits. Thieves will come in @ night and strip trees. He had to put surveillance, motion detectors, and response teams.

Trooper York said...

That looks great. But kimchee? That's hot stuff!

rcg said...

This is awesome! You can pour a little lemon juuce on the avocado and wrap tightly in plastic wrap to prevent turning brown. Did you spread the avocado on the toast?

Here is one for you: toast the bread, rub with garlic and butter whilst still hot. Then layer on the avocado with the lemon juice then sardines! This is sublime.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Yesterday I used up the last of the avocado with eggs again; this time I did rub some garlic on the bread. Great!

No sardines, but I did nuke some bacon! So...almost green eggs and ham!

rcg said...

They serve bacon and avocado on toast in heaven. Trays covered with it.