Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Three Masses a day is not a good idea

There's a reason Canon Law calls for priests normally to offer only one Mass daily, a second if necessary; and on Sundays, two, with a third by exception. It's to keep the Holy Mass from becoming an assembly-line operation for the priest.

While I have one Mass most days, on Wednesdays, I offer two: an Extraordinary Form Mass at 5:45 am, and the Ordinary Form Mass at 8:15 am. Today, however, we had a funeral at 11:30 am.

So it's been a busy day, and more to come.

Here's the rest of my day...In between the first two, I had breakfast, and read the news and prayed my office. Back here around 9 am, I did some paperwork and cleaned up my email inbox. That plus some other matters kept me busy till the funeral. I was back around 1 pm and after a bowl of soup, I did some more paperwork -- opening mail and signing letters -- and also started lining up some priests to cover some confessions and Mass in December and January. I still have some more days to cover, but I made progress.

At 6:30 pm I have a rehearsal with the 10th graders being confirmed; then I will hear their confessions till 8 pm; then I have a rehearsal with the servers for confirmation. Then my day will finish.

It's all good; but, yes, I'm a bit tired.


ndspinelli said...

The Italian tradition of espresso after lunch and dinner might help. I can't do it, I'd be up until 3am.

When I was running my own biz I worked 80 hour weeks, every week. A long day like this is OK, but if every day is like that, you need to reassess.

rcg said...

I hope my sincere gratitude for you and all priests who work so hard at least lifts your spirits if not your chasuble. . ;-)

Fr Martin Fox said...


I would love to have coffee, but like you, I have had to give up caffeine. (Although I haven't found iced-tea or diet Coke messing me up. Yet.)

RCG -- thanks! My spirits are good; it's just my brain that's a little fried.

rcg said...

Ooo! Bet it goes good with avocado!!!

Jennifer said...

You are doing the Lord's work, Fr. Fox. Hope you had a nice Martinstag the other day! :)

ndspinelli said...

Dealers @ the crap tables say "You're doing the Lord's work" when you make a bet for them, or just give them a tip. They prefer you make a bet for them. Always gamble sensibly, sober and within your means.

Michael Haz said...


Here is a link to a YouTube video about my home parish, St. Stanislaus in Milwaukee.

The video describes the restoration and preservation of an historic building, and the growth of the parish.

I hope you enjoy it!

Michael Haz said...
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Michael Haz said...
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Michael Haz said...

My comment appeared thrice, I deleted it twice.