Sunday, March 29, 2020

Jesus is more powerful than anything -- including this virus (Sunday homily)

In the Gospel, there is one detail I want to zero in on.
It says, Jesus became “perturbed and deeply troubled.” 
A moment later, it says he became “perturbed again.”

Another way to say it is that he became exasperated or angry.
But why?

All around Jesus at this moment is death.
The house of his friends that had been bright with hospitable joy 
is now dreary with grief and tears. 

Into this scene comes Jesus, who IS Life: 
true Life, Life at the source, the fullness and completion of life.
As he said: “I came that they might have life, and have it to the full.”
He knows who he is and what he came to give;
And that brilliance of Light is being smothered with sorrow.

So Jesus reacts: he feels their grief – he is affected by it – 
and yet he also rebels against it. 

He tells Martha, “your brother will rise”; and she says yes, someday.
Then Jesus says: I AM the Resurrection; I AM Life!

It’s hard to grasp. That is why he is frustrated.

The key point – which you and I must keep remembering – 
Is that Jesus changes EVERYTHING. 
Even death, which for humanity is absolute – is overthrown.

Every once in a while we see people who really see it.
Death does not frighten them. They are at peace.
This is what we see in the martyrs.
I have seen this many times when giving the anointing of the sick; 
This is one of the graces this sacrament offers us.

So, in our situation today, with so much uncertainty,
And with many people badly caught up in fear,
It’s critical to see Jesus changing everything.
This virus and all the trouble it is causing is nothing up against Jesus!

It is a bitter thing that we cannot have Holy Mass together.
But nothing keeps us from holding Jesus close.
I am so glad to bring Holy Mass to you via the Internet.
This won’t go on forever. We WILL be together again soon.

In the meantime, after this Mass, 
we will be able to be with Jesus at St. Remy Hall from 8 am to Noon.
It may be rainy or cold, but he is the Life and the Resurrection, 
who cares about that? 

Remember to keep a safe distance – not from Jesus, but each other – 
and if others are waiting, let’s try to be brief. 
There is room for people to park and remain in their cars. 

Jesus is more powerful than this virus! Nothing is greater than He!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Father! I really needed this msg today.
From a distance (@ 1000 miles), I remain your devoted follower...

John F. Kennedy said...

We watched from Cincinnati. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very sad that mass was not allowed to continue. I believe it was a mistake because people need the mass now as much as ever. I fear from the loss of the body and blood of our Lord far more than any virus. One impacts my body, the other my soul.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Anonymous @ April 4:

Mass continues! I offer Mass every day. So do all priests, if they are physically able.