Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Secret's out...I'm back

I tried to sneak back into town last night. Didn't work. When I stopped by the office to pick up some work to look at this morning, I ran into the couple that cleans the office. "Don't tell anyone you saw me!" (Part of the reason I didn't want to be seen was my scruffy attempt at a beard.)

Then I pulled in at the priests' house; wondering why so many cars were in the parking lot, I remembered the special Mass for those in the RCIA. I really didn't want them to see me looking so scraggly. Unfortunately, they all came out the door just as I walked by. "Keep my secret!"

Then, this morning, I had a few conversations about parish business, and had a visitation at a funeral home this evening, and a funeral tomorrow.

By the way, I shaved the bush off my face today, and feel much better; I really didn't care for it.


Jackie said...

Welcome back, Father. I hope you had a restful, peaceful and prayerful retreat but it's always good to have you back where you belong and know that the blogging will pick up a little bit and we'll have homilies!

What - no pictures with the beard for the blog?

Mara Joy said...

he doesn't want us to see how old he actually is.
he likes the nice, "young-looking" image that his current picture gives us!