Saturday, May 12, 2007

What's happening

Preparing for going out of town is so much extra work it really is tempting not to go--I know there will be a pile of things waiting for me, and I had to scramble to get a number of things taken care of before I head off. Thank God for cell phones!

I'm sure everyone is amused by my memos--I often write out memos for the other priests and the staff, because that way I make sure I tell them things that I might otherwise forget about. Thursday and Friday I was writing up lots of memos about various things.

Meanwhile, I was getting things ready at the priest house here. We are having an open house this weekend, so parishioners can see the house the priests live in. This house had been 1/2 office, 1/2 residence until last November, when the two parish offices were consolidated. Then we did some remodeling and repainting, allowing the parochial vicar to have a room on the first floor, and to give the house some much-needed fresh attention. The last few days we've been taking care of various details, such as hanging pictures, and making sure all the beds have pillow.

Last night we had a party for those who helped do all the work, and we had some sandwiches and drinks for them, and showed everyone around. Tonight, after both Saturday Masses, and tomorrow, we are also welcoming all comers. So of course, we had to have snacks, beer, pop (for the evening) and donuts, juice and coffee, for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I had a wedding today--sort of. I wasn't the officiant at the wedding--the bride is Protestant, so they were able to apply for a dispensation, so that her minister would officiate; while in such a situation, I needn't even take part, they wanted me there, and I was happy to be there. So last night, we had the rehearsal dinner; but because of the thank-you reception at the priests' house, I had to duck out before the actual rehearsal. No problem--all I had to do at the wedding was bless the rings.

Then, today, I had to run down to the next town for the wedding, which was in the evening; after the wedding, I headed back to welcome folks to the priest house.

Oh, and we also welcomed two seminarians who will be with us this summer; they arrived around 2 pm, and we got them settled; they assisted at the two Masses, so they could be introduced, and then they met more folks at the Open House.

We would have had more folks tonight, but the Cub Scouts planned a Spagetti Dinner, so no one came from St. Boniface to my Open House tonight. I hope they come tomorrow.

Tomorrow, after two Masses, and the Open House, I am heading off tomorrow afternoon for a retreat.

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