Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Problem accessing this site

Apparently, some folks with Internet Explorer cannot access this site--I am one of them! Thankfully, I use Mozilla Firefox, which is a free download, with no problems.

I don't know what to do, perhaps someone else can post a solution in the comments.


Darwin said...

I believe that Sitemeter has been causing IE-only problems for some people.

If you comment out or remove the HTML for the sitemeter block, that might solve your problem.

Anonymous said...

Father, I was unable to access the site the other evening, but that was the first and last time that occurred. Maybe your computer guru Chase can help. I am technologically challenged. Suzy K.

Dad29 said...

The SiteMeter problem was resolved Saturday late afternoon.

My IE7 browser sees you just fine, and did so on Sunday as well.

Brian Michael Page said...

I just switched to Firefox last week. I love it! My son uses it too.

BMP (now trying to convert wife and daughter)