Wednesday, June 20, 2012

50 Boxes...

I'm sitting in the dining room, surrounded by most of my worldly goods. Even though I'm not taking up residence at Saint Rose until July 2, most of my stuff will go there tomorrow. As we are driving down to Cincinnati, it made sense to bring back some of Father Bolte's stuff as well. So that made today a narrow window of opportunity to have the carpets cleaned--i.e., my stuff is out of my rooms, and Father Bolte's hasn't arrived yet.

But cleaning carpets means no walking on them all day today. So that meant everything had to be packed, and moved downstairs--to the non-carpeted rooms--last night.

So, while the carpet cleaners do their stuff, I'm sitting in the dining room, surrounded by most of my worldly goods. Still upstairs are enough clothes for my final two weeks, as well as a few personal items--such as a breviary and a Bible. I still have several boxes of items at the parish offices, but that may not go tomorrow.

It all adds up to fifty boxes, more or less. Pretty much everything I own. A lot of it is keepsakes from years ago, untouched in the boxes I packed them in when I came here.

It's a lot of stuff, although it easily could be more. I have almost no furniture, just three tables and two stools. A lot of it is books, many of which I could probably get rid of. A lot of the papers I probably would get rid of, if I cared to take the time to go through them. Chances are, I'll stick them in a closet once more...

I don't much like moving but it does force me to do an inventory doesn't it?

And I wonder what I'll forget and leave behind?

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Jackie said...

Ahh but Father - what about what you will take with you? Knowledge that you have, for 6 years, reconcilled people to their God, fed them and strengthened them, been with them in both the good and the bad times. New friends - and all the memories, continued friendship and wisdom you have gained from them (and the funny stories that will be told in the future). That's the other part of the inventory - and that makes moving hard and sad.

BUT you have the new adventure to look forward to!!