Friday, December 05, 2014

Ambulance-chasing priest

So, as I was procrastinating musing about my homily this afternoon, I noticed a siren outside. In a city, that's just background noise. But here, it's a big deal. I looked out the window and saw the fire engine -- from the volunteer firehouse a block away -- turn down a nearby street.

"Heck, I'm not doing anything; let me go see if I can be any help."

So I grab my overcoat and walk over. By the time I find the fire truck, I'd walked three or so blocks. It was misting, but I'd forgotten to bring my hat. I wasn't even sure which house the fellows were in; but I figured I could stand outside for a bit and see what happens.

Now I hear another siren -- it's the ambulance squad from the next village. When they got out, I waved at them, saying, "I'm here if you need me." They smile and hurry inside with a stretcher. A few minutes later, they bring someone out who was all covered up against the rain and off they go.

The firemen come out next. I know one of them and wave at them. Seeing nothing for me to do here, I turn to walk back. The one I don't know calls out: "you want a ride back?"

Do I?

"Sure! I've never ridden in a fire engine before!" I kind of wanted to hang onto the back, but I'm mostly glad they didn't offer that.

The interior pretty much looks like what you think it does, with equipment and such. I was thinking of the movie Backdraft with Billy Baldwin and Kurt Russell -- all I needed was a cool helmet!

The firefighter I knew was driving. I asked him: "wait, I thought you worked in Sidney?"

"He does," the other fellow said. "He helps us out on his off days." Ours is a volunteer fire department.

It was a short ride, but long enough to talk about the high school basketball games slated this weekend, and to let the guys know we pray for them at Mass.


Jennifer said...

Great! How adventurous!

rcg said...

I think praying for a fireman should get a partial indulgence. At least.

Jenny said...

Sure wish you had put a hat on--we cannot have you ill! I'm being selfish here as I have so enjoyed your postings this week! We elder folk really need you wisdom, insights and occasional levity. Many of us just don't have access to a priest in a less formal relationship outside of church and your musings really do provide that human touch. Thank you for allowing us into your life and STAY WELL!