Friday, December 05, 2014

It's not all beer-and-skittles

Last night my sister called me about a question someone asked her; and after we talked a bit, I said I had to go. Oh, do you have another of those wonderful dinners planned?

Apparently, my readers think I'm some sort of Anthony Bourdain on the prairie!

Alas, no.

Last night's dinner was the following:

Leftover spaghetti, which I dressed with a little olive oil and Parmesan cheese (also leftover), and microwaved, with leftover ham.

With this, I had leftover green beans and some very leftover cheese and crackers.

All washed down with some leftover box wine.

For dessert, some leftover pie.

Not that I'm complaining, it was all tasty (especially the ham! I wish I could remember who gave that to me!).

But not all beer and skittles. (And if you're wondering what that phrase means, go here.)

And if you're wondering what else might be going on in Russia...

I had Holy Mass at 7 am, with many of our schoolchildren -- we move it earlier on First Fridays so they can attend before school. After breakfast, I did some reading and emails, and then went on communion calls. After that, I took all the green vestments to the dry cleaner; when they come back, I'll take the reds; after Advent, I'll take the purples, and after Christmas, the others. That way, they all get dry-cleaned once a year.

Now I'm procrastinating from thinking about writing my weekend homily. Hey, it's almost lunch time! But don't get excited; I'm walking next door to the grocer for a sandwich.


Karin Fisher said...

Would you like some brand new double-decker Christmas cookies?

Fr Martin Fox said...

I appreciate the offer, but to be honest, I get so many goodies dropped off...I am trying to find nice ways to slow that down, both for my own well being as well as to avoid throwing out good food (which sometimes happens).

What are "double-decker Christmas cookies," by the way?

Karin Fisher said...

I made them for your Bible study in Piqua. Basically they are 2 almond flavored cookies with Apricot jam sandwiched in betwee.

rcg said...

LOL, that was not a firm, "No".

Box wine? Ick. We have several local wineries in Ohio. I must get you some local produce.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Oh! Yes, of course!

I will gladly accept! Those were delicious!

Fr Martin Fox said...


I had the box wine for a party. Very practical.

Speaking of Ohio wine, don't you find it awfully sweet?

rcg said...

FrF, you are right in general. What we need is to develop regional special wines. However, there are some that are well done and some good sweet wines that should be sweet. When you are in Dayton, please let me know and we can vist a decent one and sample their list.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Hmm, that's an idea...maybe in the new year?

rcg said...