Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dinner report: beer can chicken

I've made this before. I was going to get some steaks out and grill them, but I forgot; so on the way home from a movie, I picked up a chicken. Here it is, washed, dried, rubbed with butter, and coated with Cajun seasoning, and stood up on the stand (there's a can of Coors Light in there somewhere):

After about an hour, here's the chicken. (I think I left it on the grill just a bit too long, but it still tasted very good.) I'm not convinced the beer really does anything, because I doubt the temperature gets high enough for the beer to boil. One of these times I'll try it with an empty beer can.

While the chicken was "resting," I whipped up some sauteed spinach. This is really easy, by the way. You get some fresh spinach (not frozen; and if you wash the fresh spinach, be sure it's dry when you cook it), and after heating up some olive oil, throw in a generous amount of garlic powder. (Fresh garlic is even better -- just slice it fine and then gently cook the garlic, but not too much, before you throw in the greens.)

The spinach cooks fast; keep turning it so it all cooks evenly. At some point, add salt and pepper to taste, and I like Parmesan cheese on mine. Sometimes I see it with lemon, but I don't prefer that.

Here's the final dish. It was tasty! The chicken itself was a little scrawny, which is probably why it cooked so quickly. I ate almost half of it! You can't see it, but I had a glass of Chardonnay with this.

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