Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Last night's dinner experiment: Weiner Schnitzel

 Yesterday was my off day, so after sleeping late, I set out for Troy for breakfast; then, after lingering with coffee over the day's news, I headed to Piqua to catch a movie ("No Escape." Pretty entertaining.) While I was lingering, I looked up a recipe for some flank steak I fished out of the freezer; but the recipe I liked called for many hours of marinating. So that meant something different for this evening. After the movie, I got a sandwich and then headed to Krogers where, as I browsed the meat section, an orange "reduced!" label caught my eye. It was veal! Usually too pricey, but it was heavily marked down -- so I got four! I also got some strawberries, as well as the fresh rosemary I'll need for the flank steak later in the week.

So when I got back home, first I prepared the strawberries:

Here they are all cut up; after this I doused them with some sugar and a little red wine. Whatever will I do with them? Stay tuned...

Next I prepared the veal. I had found this recipe for Weiner Schniztel, which I love, but I'd never made before. It looked pretty easy, so I gave it a try. Here are the ingredients for the egg mixture:

Here's the veal:

After dipping the veal in plain flour, then in the egg mixture, finally in some bread crumbs, here's the veal, ready to put in the fridge for an hour or so. After this, I headed over to the church to say my prayers and offer Holy Mass.

Back from Mass, I whip up a shortcake with Bisquik, and then fix myself an aperitif. This is a Negroni:

Unfortunately, I lingered over my drink too long (I only had one, I swear!), so I had to redo the shortcake. After getting the shortcake out of the oven, I started some pasta. After finishing the refresher, I started the veal:

Meanwhile, I sauteed some garlic, pepper and parsley for the pasta (using this recipe):

Here's the finished schniztel:

And here was last night's dinner (and today's lunch):

Verdict: Pretty good!

I would have done better to use a larger pan for the pasta, as I couldn't stir it very well. Also, the garlic cooked very fast, and because I was caught up with the veal, I didn't watch it as closely as I ought to. Still, it was very good. The schnitzel would have been better pounded out a bit thinner, and I think it needed some sauce. The butter in the pan got a little brown, so I didn't use that. Next time, I might see about some sort of lemon-butter sauce. Oh, you noticed no capers? Yes, that was deliberate!

And dessert? Well, how can strawberry shortcake go wrong? I actually did leave the second shortcake in slightly too long, so it was more crunchy than I like! And, the strawberries will be better the next time, because they extrude more juice when you let them sit longer (which is why I did them first).


Eileen Krauss said...

YUM:)! Any leftovers:)? Or maybe next time you think about having this you can have me up for dinner, it doesn't sound like it has too many spices as other dinners you have made. Mom & dad would have approved. Also did you make fresh real whipped cream, like dad always made for the strawberry shortcake? Take care, Eileen.

Fr Martin Fox said...


No leftovers now, as I ate them for lunch.

I did not whip the cream, although I know how to do so.

Jenny said...

OK, I've said for years I was going to do Weiner (pronounced Veiner). Now I'm just going to have to do it!