Saturday, September 26, 2015

God & guns

Here's one of my parishioners; here's his website; he trains people in self-defense and safe gun use.

He and his family are very faithful Catholics. I'm sure city people are appalled.

Bonus: go to the gallery to see pictures of folks around here shooting -- at targets!


Sevesteen said...

Via my own gun related activities I know a few Catholics who are quite upset about the Pope's recent statements on guns--that it was hypocritical for someone with armed guards. I've seen different versions of what the Pope said and meant--Would you be willing to expand on that topic a bit more?

Anonymous said...

Seventeen -- I only know what the press reported the pope saying, and I don't consider that reliable enough to comment on.

I'd rather offer my own views that critique the pope's.

Michael Haz said...

I wish this topic had a "like" button.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Michael -- that's how you do it.

rcg said...

Having been to many, or perhaps all, of the same places as our Pope lived and formed his opinions, I would have to agree with him on nearly every point. Yet Having lived in places where people are responsible for what they do and rights exercised with restraint and self governance, I can also say that there is a better way. We are drifting into a Balkanized oligarchy where personal rights and responsibilities are dangerous by design. The Lord God, in His wisdom, gave the ability to chose to live out or Baptism so that the Angels might have reason to sing. Fristrating that is, I think, an offense to the Holy Spirrit.

Sevesteen said...

Anon, I wasn't intending to ask a Catholic (especially a priest) to publicly criticise the Pope--rather I was hoping to learn what the Pope actually said and how does it affect the duty of Catholic gun owners?

Fr Martin Fox said...


Sorry, I didn't notice till just now that I'd posted a comment anonymously. Not exactly sure how that happened. I.e., I am that "Anonymous" above.

When I used the word "critique," I didn't mean in the sense of "criticize," but in the sense of "evaluate"; and I stand by my point. I don't really know what all the pope may have said on the subject.

Did you have something more specific in mind?

Fr Martin Fox said...


Let me say it this way: I don't believe anything the pope said "affect(s) the duties of Catholic gun owners." He doesn't do it that way.

Jenny said...

I always look forward to and resonate with your comments, both here and on another blog. I'm not sure I understand your comment on this post...could you explain? (I would be the one who bought "Volkswagen Repair For the Complete Idiot" 45 years ago... <:)