Thursday, March 30, 2006

Makes me feel old--and I'm not yet 44!

First Lyn Nofziger, this morning:

Then Cap Weinberger, this evening:

It makes me realize how long ago the Reagan presidency was.

May they, and all the faithful departed, rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

A great blog!

40lovemom said...

Isn't it amazing how, once you hit the big 4-0 how quickly the rest of the years go? I felt the same way when I read the news about their passing. It seems like only yesterday I was in Catholic elementary school praying for the troops in Vietnam.

Steven Cornett said...

I was a high school and college student at the University of Pittsburgh during those years. I remember some of the big incidents of that period, particularly where I was when I first heard of the Challenger disaster.

I feel older too, and I'm nearly 39.