Monday, March 27, 2006

More wine in the box

Back to the "box wine" discussion.

I find I like red wine-in-the-box; unfortunately, I can't get one just the way I like it. Either I can get a "chillable red" that's a little sweet, or a burgundy or cabernet that is a little dry. Solution? I buy one of each, and do my own blend. (You can mock, but I point out that wine sellers have been packaging "blends" for some time now; and since I know no more than the minimum about wine, I really don't know what sort of pedigree this practice has; but my cynical suspicion is that it's really just repackaging leftovers.)

Oh, and while I'm exposing myself to mockery high and low, I will invite more as I ask if anyone else does what I do: when the box is almost empty, I tear it open, pull out the bag, to see how much wine is left in it. I've discovered when the box seems empty, there can be rather more wine still inside, that doesn't pour out all that well -- sometimes one or two glasses' worth.

I've figured out you can usually get all but the last glass by doing a lot of tipping; for the last glass, simply snip off a corner of the bag and pour out the rest! As my frugal father would have said: "I paid for that wine that's still in there, too!"

Thanks, dad!

Without any endorsement, I must give credit to the photo, which came from this site.


Shar9on said...

An Australian, Thomas Angove of South Australia, invented the wine cask in 1965.

Mark Anthony said...

And Jesus said to his disciples, "To what shall I compare the Kingdom of Heaven? It is like a priest, standing in his kitchen, holding a wineskin over a glass while cutting the end of the skin with a knife, in order to drain the last possible drop out of it. No, wait, that isn't what the Kingdom is like; that's just sad."

"What I meant to say was 'old wine in old wineskins, new wine in new wineskins, crappy wine in plastic bags."

And all the people said, "Amen"

(Actually, I'm not sure that the Lord would say "crappy". Must be a corruption of the text.)

Father Martin Fox said...


Oh, please! And if we were talking about beer, hmmm?

Mark Anthony said...

And Jesus said, "Ummmm, beer."

Eric said...

Well, I work in the wine industry and yes indeed they mix but, usually red with red and white with white. I suppose it doesn't matter really as I like coffee with just the right amount of sugar and just the right amount of half and half and my "just the right amount" may make someone else gasp a haughty breath.
Why do I drink coffe? Two reasons, one to get a kick start in the morning and two because it tastes good to me.
I like wine, good wine, (call that my haughty gasp at box wine)The question now is why do I drink wine? Well, two reasons again, one I like the feeling it give me at the end of the day. Call it reverse kick start. Two, I like the way it tastes. I have to add a third, I appreciate the graft.
What's a guy to do?

Father Martin Fox said...


Well, if you can be a wine snob, I can be a coffee snob:

Sugar? Half-and-half?


Fr Martin