Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stupid Sunday Nite TV: stupid, but great!

I chanced upon "Hot Pursuit" on Court TV, and oh--too bad this is only on for an hour!

It's police videos of car chases! What's not to like about this? This is great TV!


Oh, what joy! Court TV followed this with another hour of "Hot Pursuit"!

Isn't life grand?


Mark Anthony said...

Provide them with bread and circuses, and they won't notice or care that you've turned them into fools and slaves.

Too rough...well, it's a Monday morning! :)

Mike the Geek said...

Hey! Cut us rednecks some slack! If I want art and culture, I'll read a book. On television, I want car chases, explosions, gunfire, and, preferably, babes and aliens. After a day in the code mines of Austin, I can use a little catharsis!

Father Martin Fox said...


I'm with you. I like that stuff!

blurt said...

Hmm, this is very telling. After working 8-12 hours behind a busy police radio console I can think of nothing more relaxing than going to evening Mass after work.

As always,

40lovemom said...

Boys, boys, boys. Those shows are my son's favorite. What is it with men and police chases? I just don't get it. But, I have to admit, there are many things that are much worse to watch.

Anna said...

A very, very big GRIN, for Mike, Fr. and and Blurt.

I needed that.