Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Lady of Victory, Pray for us!

In case you missed it, Our Lady's team just won in a stunning upset. The fans at Michigan State -- who nonetheless saw quite a game -- are still staring blankly at the field in disbelief. The Irish trailed the entire game, got several improbable breaks and turnovers, stormed back with 19 points to win 40-37.


Mark Anthony said...

The Blessed Mother would have been very impressed, I'm sure, by Notre Dame's come from behind victory, if she had seen it. Unfortunately, she was still out celebrating Ohio State's win.


joeh said...

Never give up. If there was ever a need to show someone who is down, this would be the game.

Sorry, Our Lady is not anywhere near Ohio State when Notre Dame is scheduled to play. Besides, I think OSU is going down against Michigan and maybe one other team this year.

Jim said...

I think our lady would be more impressed if Notre Dame treeated their heterodox "theologians" the way they treated Ty Willingham.

joeh said...

Jim, you have said it best of all. In fact, now is a good time to pause, take up my rosary and reflect on that point right now.