Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The pope likes hats

Attentive (not to say, obsessive) readers will recall the holy father made something of a stir last winter when he wore the camauro, which was dubbed a "Santa hat":

I am all for this. This business of being rid of regalia, fringe, "needless" adornment and anything with a whiff of anachronism is dreary and deadening. (It's not as though men don't still wear hats; only now, they wear baseball caps with advertising on them. Not an improvement.)

When the holy father decides to issue his long-awaited exhortation on the Eucharist, with perhaps some "reform of the reform" elements, perhaps he will revive this mode of headgear:

(Biretta tip to The Shrine of the Holy Whapping; latter two images stolen from Dappled Things.)


Deacon Jim said...

As with anything, the effort to do away with things because some people misunderstand, misinterpret, or misuse them is playing to the lowest common denominator.

A person who does something wrong should be educated as to what is proper. We needn’t punish the whole world for the errors of a few.

Thus it is with clerical attire, traditional and contemporary forms of the Holy Mass, other liturgical practices, or anything in life - because some have missed the meaning, or practice unfaithfully, or do it wrong, everyone gets shorted out.

Tracy said...


Will you wear a hat like that last pic? And make that your blog pic?! LOL

Father Martin Fox said...

I'd have to be created a cardinal first . . . and then, I think, the pope would have to revive the galero, the hat worn there. (This pope might go for that...)

Anonymous said...

One of our pairsh priests (retired, actually) frequently wears a cape and the little black hat with the poofy ball on top. I don't know the actual names of them, but we think they're cool and we admire him for wearing them. All three of the other priests at the parish wear cassocks almost every time I've seen them.

Mark Anthony said...

I didn't know Ming the Merciless was a cardinal...

Anonymous said...

Re Ming, clothes may not make the man, but they certainly make the fool.
Whoever would think drapery tiebacks around the neck, accompanied by a 78 rpm on the head, earflaps, and red bordello brocade for a backdrop would be a good idea?
Julia suggests the heirarchy consult with a female re costuming.

Father Martin Fox said...

This is not Ming, although it is a common mistake, as the brothers were identical twins. This is his brother, the late Metropolitan of Transylvania, his Beatitude, Bling.

Deacon Jim said...

Father, I appreciate the humor - and I'm sure you know who it is because it's listed at Fr. Jim's site.

For those here who do not know, it's Josyf Cardinal Slipyj (d. 1984), the Cardinal Archbishop of Lviv in the Ukraine. The galero is worn over the headgear and regalia worn by Eastern Rite Metropolitans.

The wiki on him states:

"Slipyj became the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on November 1, 1944, following Sheptytsky's death. He led the church in Nazi occupied Lviv, but was arrested in 1945 by the NKVD as the Nazi occupation ended. After being jailed in Lviv, Kiev, and Moscow, a Soviet court sentenced him to eight years of hard labor in the Siberian Gulag.

His prison writings managed to circulate. In 1957 Pope Pius sent him a congratulatory letter on the 40th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. It was confiscated, and also on account of his circulating writings, he was sentenced to seven more years in prison."

He was made cardinal in pectore.

I believe the galero is still given, and when received is hung in the Cardinal's home cathedral.

BTW for anonymous, the hat with the pom is a biretta - black is standard for deacons and priests.

Deacon Jim said...

Correct: galeri are given to galeri may be obtained (you can still buy your own galero).

Anonymous said...

So, the pope is a member of the Red Hat Society?

40lovemom said...

It must have been (thankfully) a slow news day at the Vatican, as many blogs carried this picture.

Any way, putting my two cents in, that hat reminds me of a small child's cowboy hat. I keep looking at that picture and wondering where the toy six-gun in the plastic holster and the hobby horse are!

Anonymous said...

The galero is a beauty.
Looks best on the head, not only on the ceiling.
Nice Blog Father Fox.
Duncan Stroik

Dave Oatney said...

I am all for completely restoring the rigalia pictured in the last photo-and the symbolism that goes with it.

pam14 said...

It only proves that the pope is like any normal person , just like us. I like thos hats actually. Oh! Aside from old santa's hat.

Bizzy4889 said...

Dear Gentelman,

Where can a layman (with utmost respect to the Church) actually buy a Cardinl's Galero? Gammarelli doen't have a functional webpage, EuroClero's doesn't translate and Tridentium is over $2000 US. ANy help or suggestions would be greatly apprecaited. I can be reached directly at "". THANKS IN ADVANCE EVERYONE! Sincerely, -Tom