Saturday, September 09, 2006

A trip home...

Last night and this morning, I was back home in Cincinnati. I went down for a Mass this morning at Christ the King parish in Mount Lookout -- a memorial Mass for my cousin, who died recently.

When I called a brother priest, he told me he had tickets to the Reds, so a change of plans, and down to Great American Ballpark to see the Red murderize the Pirates. A great game.

Thanks to the parishioner who gave my friend the tickets, we were three rows from the field! It was gratifying to see lots of kids at the game, and to see them enjoying it just the same as always; and to see the ballplayers trot over to sign autographs.

Then to the seminary, where I got to have a beer with some of the new guys and get to know them.

This morning brought the first time I offered Mass at Christ the King parish. Some might not like it, as it's architecture is kind of a 1950s late-Art Deco (it has some similarity to St. Peter in Chains Cathedral), but it has beautiful art, elegant design, and excellent acoustics.

For those curious, the music was as follows:

Opening: Be Thou My Vision
Psalm 23
Preparation: In Paradisum
Communion: Panis Angelicus
Closing: Irish Blessing

I couldn't stay to visit with my family, unfortunately, as I had to be back here to preach at 4 pm Mass, where I will head shortly, and then over to the other parish for 5 pm Mass. (I'm preaching at all six Masses on stewardship.)

Then, after that, I'm having the other two priests for dinner.


Tim said...

Thanks, Father, a cordial look into the priestly life.
It's good to hear.

Sharon said...

I'm having the other two priests for dinner.

I suppose you will freeze what is leftover to have later on in the week! lol

Anonymous said...

When I read that you had priests for dinner I was glad we just had pork chops.

Thanks for another looksee into priest life - so fun!

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely state there, Father. I didn't make it to Piqua but I thoroughly enjoyed Toledo this weekend!

TO at LAMLand

Mary Kay said...

"murderize the Pirates"

I didn't realize that those in Ohio tawlked like us in upstate NY.

Bookmom said...


I'm glad you had a nice trip back home to Cincinnati. I'm from Northern Kentucky (across the 'great divide' to most Cincinnatians) ;) and my children love going to the Red's games! Unfortunately when we went (compliments of my husband's boss) they lost big time!

Sorry you didn't get to visit w/ friends and family, though, while you were here. Sounds like you truly have your hands full with two parishes in Piqua!

Funny you made a point to list the music at your mass here in Cincinnati. On that note and a similar theme, I was wondering if you could check out a post in Rich's blog, Ten Reasons, where I have a few questions you might be able to add some insight.

Rich and I were having a discussion on when and if certain events are appropriate within the mass. I would appreciate your thougths on this.


Rich Leonardi said...

I live about half a mile from CTK and would have enjoyed attending your Mass Saturday. Perhaps next time. Perhaps you can make a return trip to celebrate the one featuring a "reflection" by Nick Clooney. ;-)

MrsDarwin said...

I wonder if you would have met my brother Will while visiting the seminary. He's in his first year there.

Father Martin Fox said...

Mrs Darwin:

I don't recall meeting anyone named Will, I'm sorry. But I met several guys all at once, and my memory never was all that good . . .