Monday, March 26, 2007

Well, did you enjoy the Feast of Annunciation?

Today is supposed to be my day off. Ha ha!

The great privilege of a day off is being able to sleep late; only this morning, the chaplain at the Catholic high school called to remind me about confessions this afternoon. I had to stop in the office to sign a check, then visit with the school children at lunch, because to celebrate la festa, I had the principal provide ice cream for the schoolchildren; so I wanted to have some with them, and explain why we were having ice cream ("because Mary said yes!"). I should explain the additional reason for the ice cream is that this is the patronal feast for one of my parishes.

At 7 pm, we had a "solemn, high Mass" for the feast day. Lots of incense and chanting. After that, I stopped by the RCIA group, answered a few questions about the first confessions for the candidates for full communion, then headed home for dinner around 9 pm.


DigiHairshirt said...

Father, this is why priests hold a special place in my paryers - sort of like, you know, "for all you do, this Bud's for you!" in a spritual way!

Although I am not one of your parishioners . . . thank you.

Alan Carter said...


Can I ask a stupid question? It's never struck me as strange before - but the feast of the Annunciation just seemed 'out of place' in the season of Lent to me this year. It kept 'screaming' Advent to me.

Can you offer any insights into the spiritual significance or message of celebrating Annunciation in the 5th week of Lent?

Father Martin Fox said...


Well, just note the date: the 25th day (normally) of the third month.

Can you think of any other feast of the Church that always falls on the 25th? And in what month?

Now -- can you think of any significant human event that normally lasts nine months? Hint: we all go through it, including the Son of God...

(Remember, Lent "floats," so while the Annunciation usually is in Lent, sometimes if comes earlier; and sometimes, because it falls in Holy Week, it is postponed and celebrated after the Easter Octave.)

Anonymous said...

Alan, the Annunciation and conception of Jesus were probably almost simultaneous events, as Mary did not require "several weeks to think if over" - she immediately responded, "Thy will be done/" Nine months later, Jesus arrived. To have the feast of the Annunciation in Advent would make for a very brief gestation!

Alan Carter said...

Um - OK. So, it was a stupic question. I'm blushing. (Really, its a Homer Simpson moment for me - DOH!)

Sometimes its just about keeping it simple, isn't it?

Thanks for not making me feel stupider than I should. :-)

Father Martin Fox said...


No problem! I was in no way aiming "to make you feel stupid," I was trying to find a gentle and hopefully humorous way to respond.

K said...

Can you please tell me how one is to find a spiritual director (priest)? I have been on the hunt for years and not one has ever responded with a YES. This could be a bad sign I suppose, but I think it is more likely that priests just really don't have time for this and they get moved so often. Any insights?