Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What will the Governor do about JOBS?

I just read the report in the Dayton Daily News about our new governor's "state of the state" speech. In fairness to his excellency, I don't assume a brief report in the press gets the story right. But the story is more money for senior citizens, fewer charter schools, an end to vouchers, more government-funded health insurance and . . .

What about jobs, governor?

"Also, he proposed targeting $250 million a year in tax exempt bonds for four years to invest in job-creating energy projects."

How many jobs will that create, governor?

Does anybody have anything to add, from what Governor Strickland said?

Is this it?

This was the governor's "state of the state" address. The state of the state, governor, is that we need jobs and economic development.

What are you going to do, governor?


Jeffrey Smith said...

At a guess? Probably nothing.

Father Kyle said...

What I am wondering is where all of the money will come from? More money for public schools, for universities, for medical costs, for this and that. Yet, where are the taxes to raise the money to pay for all of this?

In a typical Democrat move, they won't pay to maintain the necessary infrastructure and let the state go to pot, all the while not creating JOBS! Right on, Martin!

Tim Lang said...


Was refering to the Gov. as "his excellency" a sub-conscious slip? Does he remind you of your boss? Heh, heh.

I miss your political commentary but still always enjoy your blog particularly your homilies.


Father Martin Fox said...


I think I learned somewhere that "your excellency" was, once upon a time, the term of address for a governor. If it ever was true, I imagine it isn't used anymore.

Anyone know more about that?

Kat said...

in colonial days a govenor was refered to as "his exelency" but that in truth was rooted in church customs addressing Bishops who were basically ecclesiastical "govoners"