Thursday, September 29, 2005

My brief burst of modest blog-fame

Over the past few days, I've gotten a burst of traffic, owing to a post I made several days ago. I've been fascinated by how this happened: I made a post on Friday; on Monday, Father Jim Tucker linked it in a post on his blog (and was far more colorful -- and brief! -- in his comments than I); then, on Tuesday, the maven of Catholic blogging, Amy Wellborn, links both Fr Jim's item, and mine, on her blog; meanwhile, Rich Leonardi does the same at his blog. It's been fascinating to note how much traffic each of these sites has generated for me. My original post generated no response; but once these other sites linked it, I was suddenly the flavor of the day.

Alas, my site meter shows my traffic has peaked. But that's okay -- I really don't have time for too much traffic! But thanks to these other bloggers (whom I have never met).

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kronprinz1918 said...

I found you through Ten Reasons/Rich Leonardi ... great blog Fr. Fox !