Thursday, September 22, 2005

Republicans are liars!

If you surf the blogosphere--at least, the right wing of it--you'll see a swelling discussion of excessive spending by the GOP Congress; and you'll see expressions of hope that the GOP will do something about metastasizing government.

In these years of GOP ascendancy, spending has spiked and the government has grown like "the Blob" in the 1950s movie. President Bill Clinton said, "the era of big government is over." President Bush and the GOP Congress feel otherwise.

So, shall we now hope that something has changed?

We shall see.

But keep this interpretative key handy at all times: they are liars!

Now, I know: "aren't the Democrats liars too?" Well, yes.

But the GOP is worse.

The Democratic Party isn't lying when it advocates big government--and Democrats do advocate it, very openly. Democrats aren't liars when they demand abortion-on-demand, and demand you pay for it. They aren't liars when they demand higher taxes, race quotas, compulsory unionism, government hostility to religion, and so forth.

The Democrats are essentially honest about their advocacy of these things. Call them whatever names you like--but they aren't liars.

On the other hand, the GOP says: we love smaller government; we will end government subsidies; we will overturn Roe v. Wade; we will end racial quotas, we will repeal gun control, we will support Right to Work, we will cut spending, eliminate government programs and shut down bureaucracies.

All lies. The GOP is the Liar Party.

No, they're not all liars. That's the tragedy. Some in office do care, they share our outrage over this utter dishonesty. And I don't mean to be unfair to them.

But I believe the only thing that will induce the GOP to some measure of honesty is imminent threat of disaster--if you will forgive me, a political Katrina bearing down on them.

And that will only happen when the right-wingers the GOP considers in their pocket really rebel. As long as conservatives keep going back to their abusive spouse for more of the same, nothing will change.

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joseph zarick said...

Republicans and democrats live and breathe to remain in Washington. Some have sold their souls to the Devil. Once done; no return.The things one has to do to remain in office cannot ever be good for US. In the old days it was a sacrifice to be there, not a reward. Now things are reversed. There should be low pay and no retirement benefits. You's see a change then.