Tuesday, September 06, 2005

a Neo-Con warning on Bush and the Court

William Kristol, in the Weekly Standard, raises an alarm about the President's decision to slide Roberts over into the Chief Justice position. You can get to it by clicking on the headline above.

Kristol's point is that when "Roberts for O'Connor" seemed to work, he'd won the battle to replace a liberal with a (putative) conservative; now that the President has turned into "Roberts for Rehnquist," it's now a conservative for a conservative; and now Bush must face the question, "who will replace the 'moderate'?" all over again. Kristol himself raises the fearful proposition that we'll get something less than a a conservative as O'Connor's replacement.

In short, the great hopes of conservatives that Bush would give us a new, constitution-respecting court, would be disappointed.

Well. I've been issuing this warning since 2000, although you likely don't know that, since I've only had this blog for about two months. But I have.

But what's noteworthy is that it isn't someone from the Troglodyte Right making this point; it's a neo from the neo publication, the Weekly Standard. When a neo raises a concern about Bush, take cover.

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