Saturday, September 10, 2005

Uh-oh, I may have been right...

Here's my post from July 9 of this year, about the prospects of Gonzales being nominated to the Supreme Court:

"Over at Amy Wellborn's Open Book, I made this comment last week:

"Something occurs we may see in the next few days . . .

"If Bush wants to pick Alberto Gonzales -- knowing conservatives and prolifers have a problem with him -- the smart thing to do would be to get conservative pundits and columnists to start writing about how misunderstood Gonzales is, that he's actually sheep in wolf's clothing, that he'd actually turn out to be kind of "secret weapon" because he's actually great, but misunderstood, and so picking him would be really good news, because the liberals would think he was pro-Roe when -- just entre nous -- he's a secret prolifer, etc.

"It may not happen; but if you see pundits and columnists telling this story, watch out!

"I'm pretty sure the White House and the GOP have tried this; but so far, the Right is staying solid as far as Gonzales and the Supreme Court."

Now, today, this headline appears in the Washington Post: "Gonzales allies rebut criticism"

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