Monday, September 05, 2005

The Supreme Issue is 'Privacy'; that attack will come on Race

The Washington Post has an article this weekend predicting a key area of questioning, of Judge John Roberts, will be on "religion."

But if you read the article, it's really about the so-called "privacy" issue, which means abortion and "gay marriage."

So why not just go there? Why talk about religion?

Because the "threat" of too much religion in government gets the opposition another reason to mobilize their side than just "privacy": they know the abortion issue doesn't work all that well for them, and certainly "gay marriage" is a loser.

But what they really want to talk about is Race.

That's the attack to watch for; and it would likely come in the hearings. That's the attack that offers most hope of mobilizing African-Americans and other minorities who don't agree with the Left on "privacy," or on "too much religion," but don't want a "racist" in power.

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