Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week of surprises

Sunday I took off for parts east, being rather cryptic with everyone where I was headed. In fact, I was headed to D.C., planning to surprise the Piqua Catholic 8th graders during their trip to the nation's capital. Indeed, they were surprised when I walked up to them at the Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, to join them on their tour. One of the teachers asked me if I could offer Mass for the group, and I happily went off to set that up, joining the children for part of the tour around the shrine. We had Mass in one of the larger side chapels--we had about 50 total folks, including the teachers and parent-chaperones. Then the kids just that fast had to board the bus for the next stop; their itinerary was pretty tight. But it was fun seeing their looks of surprise and wonderful being with them.

I arrived in D.C. on Monday evening, having stopped in West Virginia on the way; the trip straight through isn't that difficult, but as I left Piqua on Sunday afternoon, I didn't want to arrive in D.C. after midnight. Monday night I got to see some friends over Vietnamese food and beer. Tuesday night, I had dinner with some friends, including my godson, and his younger brothers and sisters.

But another surprise--well, not exactly a surprise, but a twist; a funeral back home that I took a chance wouldn't happen until the end of the week. In fact, it was scheduled for Wednesday morning, and I decided that I would regret missing it more than I would regret making the trip. So, after a nice dinner--no wine or beer!--I drove back from northern Virginia on Tuesday evening, arriving home around 5:30 am. After a bit of sleep, I was at the funeral, then spent yesterday afternoon in a semi-vegetative state. A good night's sleep and I'm back to good energy.

Insofar as they weren't expecting me in the office today, I decided to leave it as planned.

Comments Easier

I was recently advised that making comments was very difficult, and it reminded me that some time back, I made that change deliberately. I did so because of a boorish commenter who simply would not either be less boorish or go elsewhere. That was some time back, and we can hope he won't find his way back. Till then, comments are easier again.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Still alive

Sorry I've been absent; this time of year is the very busiest in a parish. I have been preaching homilies the past few weeks, but with no texts, so nothing to post. We've had First Communion and Confirmation in recent weeks, as well as wrapping up various things for the year. Working on budgets for the school, and for each parish. Next weekend we will have 40 Hours at St. Mary in Piqua, followed by a procession--from St. Mary to St. Boniface--on Sunday, May 23, leaving around 1 pm.

I don't mind saying I've been tired, and I'm actually travelling today. Heading to see some friends up east. I will be back by the weekend. But I may actually find it easier to post! We'll see!