Sunday, May 01, 2011

Why no pictures yet?

You may be wondering why I haven't posted pictures of the new Saint Boniface. Well, for the following reasons: First, I'm more incompetent than you can imagine; I simply do not know how to send a picture from my cell phone to anything else. Second, I have been crazy-busy the past few weeks, and no, it didn't get any better after Easter. And third, I really do want to wait until it's essentially finished. As it happens, several key items of artwork were not finished for Easter, despite much hard work. The six, new images of the saints chosen by the parish were all finally set in place last night around 9 pm, and we blessed them before 10:30 am Mass today, along with those that were restored to the church. But there are some additional items still to be completed in the sanctuary this coming week. So...God willing, by next Sunday, all the pieces will be in place, and I'll have some photos.

Meanwhile, if ever your pastor considers having first communions the week before Easter, and confirmation the week after, kindly tell him he's a crazy man! (We didn't have much choice, just the way things played out; but oh! it has been a marathon, not counting many other trials and difficulties.)