Saturday, June 05, 2010

What's new

Well, for the last reader, here's what's new:

> School finished Friday; St. Mary Festival opened Friday. We usually plan for school to end a couple of days earlier, so rides and so forth can be set up, without conflict with school activities and the morning and afternoon drop-offs and pick-ups. Remember all that snow we had? Those snow days had to be made up. When one of the children was moping about extra days of school in June, I smiled and said, "this is your fault! you prayed for snow!" He grinned.

> Graduations. I had a couple of parties I visited last weekend, one today, and several in two weeks.

> Wedding today. In a bit I'll go over and get things set up. The lights--and, importantly, the air conditioning--are on in church already.

> Today is St. Boniface Day! A group from the parish is having a picnic, but I can't go, it will be over by the time the wedding is finished.

> Did I mention St. Mary Festival? That goes from 1 pm today till 11, and tomorrow as well. I promised to work a booth (selling ride tickets), plus I try to walk around and talk with folks. I'll wear my blacks and be in solidarity with the asphalt.

> Corpus Christi this weekend. This is why we had our 40 Hours and Procession on Pentecost. But I do have to prepare a homily. Pray for me, I'm stumped and it's Noon. I have two Masses tonight, one at 4, and another around 11:15 pm for the festival workers.

> Traveling to Rome. On Monday afternoon, four other priests and I are heading to Rome for ten days. I have laundry to do and to pack.