Saturday, June 05, 2010

What's new

Well, for the last reader, here's what's new:

> School finished Friday; St. Mary Festival opened Friday. We usually plan for school to end a couple of days earlier, so rides and so forth can be set up, without conflict with school activities and the morning and afternoon drop-offs and pick-ups. Remember all that snow we had? Those snow days had to be made up. When one of the children was moping about extra days of school in June, I smiled and said, "this is your fault! you prayed for snow!" He grinned.

> Graduations. I had a couple of parties I visited last weekend, one today, and several in two weeks.

> Wedding today. In a bit I'll go over and get things set up. The lights--and, importantly, the air conditioning--are on in church already.

> Today is St. Boniface Day! A group from the parish is having a picnic, but I can't go, it will be over by the time the wedding is finished.

> Did I mention St. Mary Festival? That goes from 1 pm today till 11, and tomorrow as well. I promised to work a booth (selling ride tickets), plus I try to walk around and talk with folks. I'll wear my blacks and be in solidarity with the asphalt.

> Corpus Christi this weekend. This is why we had our 40 Hours and Procession on Pentecost. But I do have to prepare a homily. Pray for me, I'm stumped and it's Noon. I have two Masses tonight, one at 4, and another around 11:15 pm for the festival workers.

> Traveling to Rome. On Monday afternoon, four other priests and I are heading to Rome for ten days. I have laundry to do and to pack.


Jackie said...

Father - I've been watching the clergy communication for your obituary - SO GLAD it wasn't needed!! :)

Glad to see you are keeping busy.

I am heading to Rome next Friday for the weekend before heading to Brussels for work on Monday 14 June. I'll keep an eye out for you! It's not that big a town! Have a wonderful time.

StBlog said...

Father, don't know if you got the email but I've started using Twitter & Facebook to "advertise" the blogs of St Blogs Parish - you're next & I just noticed it's your 5th blogaversary (July 3rd)! You're still blogging. +JMJ+ John

Fr Martin Fox said...

"still blogging..."


Anonymous said...

did Church gummint tell you to put a lid on it Father?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what's going on too.


Laura Berry said...

Very interesting!

Fr Martin Fox said...

Anonymous, Annie:

Nope, no one told me not to blog. I've just been busy with other things.

My homilies lately have not involved written texts, so that makes it hard to post them, I'm sorry.

I hope to get back to active blogging at some point.

Anonymous said...

The handwriting is on the wall.