Sunday, July 10, 2005

Barone on Redistricting

Michael Barone is consistently insightful and generally immune to cliches and cant, unlike so many political commentators and professional media-talkers.

Check him out at U.S. News & World Report on redistricting (thanks to Real Clear Politics for linking it).

Contra so much nonsense we hear, Barone rightly points out that partisan gerrymandering is not the problem; because he shows that the best-laid plans of gerrymanderers so often go awry; they are not the omnipotent political gods their critics make them out to be.

Whining about gerrymandering is an example of the "trick play" to which so many in conservative politics fall prey: instead of doing the hard, and time-consuming work within our astonishingly wonderful political system, they look for a cheap, quick solution; often failing at the stated objective, and creating new problems. E.g., the execrable referendum/initiative in so many states.

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