Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Which one will it be?

Three possibilities for the U.S. Supreme Court:

Judge Priscilla Owen: "Senator, I'm prepared to come over and slap you right now...", or:

Judge Edith Jones: "Was it the U.S. Supreme Court, or the Confederate Supreme Court, you had in mind?"

But could it be...

Judge Janice Brown, whom People for the American Way (are they sure?) accuse of calling the "New Deal" the "triumph of our own socialist revolution." You go, girl!

(Thanks to Southern Appeal for the pic of Judge Jones. I won't say where I got the other ones, because they stole them from somewhere else anyway!)


mmuench said...

Latest word is Edith "Roe is settled law" Clement is at the top of the list. If so I've cast my last vote for a Republican for president. I guess we'll know at 9:00 tonight.

Steve Bogner said...

Whoever gets nominated has my sympathy. They will be put through a very contentious & public interrogation, from one side or another, or both!

Isn't Piqua close to Sidney? Maybe you know Fr Pat Welsh up there? Last I heard he was in Sidney. I know him from our days at Guardian Angels. We've both since moved on from there though.

Father Martin Fox said...

you know, i'm way disappointed nobody said this picture-post was FUNNY!

Father Martin Fox said...

steve - i can't recall just now where Fr Walsh is, but not Sidney. I do know him.